I am happy to offer a free photo shoot, up to 1 hour long, if you in return allow me to use some of the images on my website or in my portfolio.

This is a special offer for a limited time.

The reason for me offering my service for free is that I want to build my portfolio and my website and in the past I simply didn’t ask my clients if they allow me to use their images in this way.

Without a clients permission, no image will appear on my website.

This special will suit anyone who needs the following:

  • Portrait photos of yourself or you and your family
  • Photos of the new baby
  • Photos of an event like a 21st birthday, 50th birthday
  • You are a clothing designer and need photos of your designs
  • You need photos for a model portfolio or actor’s portfolio
  • You need corporate portraits
  • Photos of a corporate event

Any questions? Simply contact me via the Contact Us page.

If you need my services for more than one hour, for example for a wedding, this special still applies. The first hour will be free, after that I charge my usual hourly rate.

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